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    Chen Xiangyong Guangzhou / Shanghai Admiralty & Maritime / International Trade / Energy and Offshore Engineering / Finance and Insurance email
    John Wang Guangzhou Shipping, admiralty, insurance and international trade email
    Zou Zongcui Tianjin / Beijing Maritime/Maritime Engineering / Admiralty / International Trade / Corporate email
    Yuan Hui Qingdao Admiralty / Maritime/Maritime Engineering / International Trade / Labor email
    Li Rongcun Xiamen / Fuzhou Maritime/Maritime Engineering / Admiralty / International Trade / Commercial Disputes / Corporate Matters email
    Xu Jun Shanghai Maritime/Maritime Engineering / Admiralty / Property/Liability/Credit Insurance / Disputes Resolution email
    Wang Jianyun Guangzhou Securities / Mergers and Acquisitions / Ship Building/Purchase/Finance /Corporate / Foreign Direct Investment / Labor email
    Jiang Guoyong Guangzhou Dispute Resolution / Corporate / International Trade / Real Estate / Property/Liability/Credit Insurance / Foreign Direct Investment / Intellectual Property Rights / Labor / Criminal Service email
    Xu Fubin Tianjin Admiralty / Maritime/Maritime Engineering / disputes resolution email
    Zhao Yong Shenzhen Maritime/Maritime Engineering / Admiralty / International Trade / Corporate email
    Guo Xinwei Tianjin Maritime, Admiralty, Commercial Affairs email
    Li Huaming Tianjin Corporation law, labor law, civil action and arbitration email
    Wang Yongli Qingdao Admiralty, Maritime, Corporate, Insurance email
    Wang Huanxu Tianjin Corporation law, international trade, merger and acquisition email
    Li Jianping Guangzhu Maritime, Admiralty, Insurance, International Trade, Corporate and Dispute Resolution. email
    Dai Yi Shanghai Shipping & Maritime, International Trade, Dispute Resolution email
    Yang Dongyang Xiamen Admiralty, Maritime, Insurance, International Trade, Corporate email
    LI Lan Guangzhou / Xiamen Admiralty / Maritime / Insurance / Ship Building/Purchase email
    Han Yongdong Beijing Admiralty & Maritime, International Trade, International Logistics, Corporate email
    Zhang Changtao Shanghai Maritime / Admiralty / Insurance / International Trade / Civil Law email
    Zhang Jing Guangzhou Maritime / Admiralty / Insurance / International trade / Ship Building email
    Qiao Jing Shanghai maritime, admiralty, corporate, dispute resolution email
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