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  • Guide for Clients

  • This Guide for Clients is an introduction on how we work and charge Clients. It also provides insight into our Client services, publications, confidentiality and storage of files, and on how we handle complaints

    1. How we work

    Its organizational structure sets the Firm apart from many law firms in China , and accentuates the services we provide to our Clients.

    Our Practice Group

    Our lawyers are divided into three business groups, i.e. the Maritime Group, the Admiralty Group and the Corporate/IP Group. Each Group is subdivided into several teams for specific assignment. To ensure the quality of our services, all assignments for lawyers in different divisions are completed under instruction and supervision from Team leaders, and all documents for Clients are sent out only upon their examination and signature. The senior partner of each Group is in charge of monitoring all assignments. The Firm's partners meeting will supervise and give instructions on the handling of the most important or particularly complicated cases.

    Team Work

    While this Firm is widely known for its allotment of work to different lawyers depending on the subject matter at hand, no strict divisional lines are maintained. Lawyers and consultants constantly share knowledge and experience, and temporary teams are often formed to provide Clients with custom services as per their specific requirements. Thus while Clients may often face one or several lawyers only, in fact the Firm as a whole is put at their disposal.

    To raise efficiency, all lawyers when handling cases are assisted by paralegals and secretaries. Also to meet the demands of Clients in foreign-related cases, a professional in-house translation team to provide translation services in English and Japanese for legal documents and evidentiary materials. To ensure the accuracy thereof, translated documents are verified by paralegals or senior assistants when in Chinese, and by senior translators or foreign consultants when in a foreign language.

    Prompt Response

    Client enquiries are dealt with promptly to avoid unnecessary delays. Furthermore lawyers are often made available at short notice to handle cases of emergency. In such cases Clients can benefit from our good relationships with relevant (quasi-) government departments and courts, an elaborate database of legal documents, and our nation-wide reach through the various branches. We understand that time is often of the utmost importance; we are well-prepared to follow up on Clients' instructions without delay.

    2. How to entrust us

    Clients who wish to entrust our Firm may contact their usual contact, or alternatively may approach one of the senior partners or branch office directors. These will direct you to the team leaders most appropriate to handle the subject at hand.

    For contact information of the partners or branch office directors, please visit the Firm's website at www.wjnco.com .

    Entrustment of our Firm will be finalized through the signing of a contract for legal services, or confirmation in writing of relevant instructions.

    3. How we charge

    The Firm maintains a flexible charging policy, as it believes in adapting to a specific situation or Clients' needs. In each case the means of charging shall be negotiated and agreed upon by this Firm and the Clients according to the Implementation Rules of Guangdong Province for the Administration of Fee Charging by Lawyers . Reference shall usually be made to one of the following:

    Time basis

    The Firm's most common means of charging is to collect lawyer fees from Clients based the effective working time spent by each lawyer multiplied by his or her prescribed hourly rate. Where appropriate, we will advise the Client of the estimated effective working time and cost in advance. If during the course of handling a case the actual time spent is in considerable excess to the estimated time, the Client will be promptly notified.

    Disbursements such as travel expenses, official fees and investigation expenses, are not included in lawyer fees and will be charged separately on cost basis. Where disbursements for one item exceed RMB 500, the Client will be asked for confirmation before making such expense. Lawyer fees also do not included taxes, which shall be charged at cost basis.

    Lump sum

    For certain cases, the Firm will agree to charge on lump-sum basis, in way of a fixed amount for providing all services within an agreed scope of services. The Firm will limit its charges to the agreed fixed amount, except for disbursements and in the case of extraordinary circumstances which could not be foreseen in advance. The specific amount shall be agreed by the Firm and the Client, mainly with reference to the following:

    •  Time to be spent on the case;

    •  Amount of money or value of property involved in the case;

    •  Complexity and difficulty of the case;

    •  Urgency of the case.

    Contingency fee

    In some cases, the Firm will agree to a working on contingency or retainer plus contingency basis, with full or part of the payment conditional upon the successful outcome of the case. The contingency fee, for example as a percentage of the amount under dispute, will reflect the size, complexity and difficulty of the case, as well as the time to be spent by lawyers. Disbursements to cover costs (as opposed to lawyer fees) are excluded from the contingency arrangement.

    Retainer fee

    A retainer can be agreed to cover anticipated lawyer fees for advice and assistance for general legal matters related to a company's normal business activities, such as forming contractual relations and hiring employees. Under a Retainer Contract, Clients pay for a fixed number of hours to cover time spent by lawyers on their instruction from time to time within a fixed period (usually one year).

    3. Client Services

    In recognition that the quality of services is of primary concern to our Clients, the Firm has established a Client Service Department to provide direct assistance in maintaining strong and fluent relationships between the Client and the Firm. Our Client Service Department consists of several foreign Client Service Managers, who can also provide services in foreign languages including English, Japanese, French and Italian.

    To directly contact one of our Client Service Managers, you may call +86 20 37190992(English) and +86 20 37190919(Japanese) and +86 20 37190993(Italian and French).

    Long-term Clients are encouraged to send your news, reports and other publications to our Client Service Department, to promote communication and long-term cooperation with our Firm.

    4. Publications

    The Firm regularly provides commentaries on legal issues, which are published on our website in the following formats:

    •  Articles - academic papers published in newspapers and periodicals in China or abroad

    •  Reviews - comments on new laws and cases

    •  China Legal Bulletin - monthly analysis of key developments and hot issues in corporate / commercial law

    •  IP Legal Bulletin – monthly analysis of changing law and practical advice on IP enforcement issues

    •  Circulars – periodical published from time to time, commenting on important legal developments in PRC maritime and admiralty law;

    The above publications may be viewed or downloaded from our website. Our Client Service Department may be contacted for further assistance or inclusion on one of our mailing lists.

    5. Confidentiality and Storage of Files

    The Firm maintains a policy of strict confidentiality for Client documents. Upon completion of an entrustment, subject to the date of issuance of the final debit note, the Firm will keep Client documents in safe storage for six years, with a access to be limited by to the Client or his representative after a request in writing. After expiry of the six-year term, all documents relating to the entrustment will be destroyed.

    6. Complaints

    In order to protect the Clients' interests and increase our service quality, opinions or complaints raised by Clients are taken very seriously. Clients may directly contact one of the Firm's team leaders, the Firm's managing partner or the Client service manager. The Firm will report to the Client the results of its inquiries as soon as possible.

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