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  • Indirizzo: Glory China Tower, 11 East Broadway Suite 4B, New York, NY 10038 USA
    C.a.p.: 10038
    Tel: 1-212-406-5533 / 1-917-536-8342
    Fax: 1-212-964-5030
    Email: nyc@wjnco.com
    Responsabile: Mr. Pan Renrong

    Contact Persons:  
    Renrong Pan, Esq., licensed in US Federal Courts, NY, NJ and qualified as a PRC lawyer

    Our New York Team of experienced attorneys provides 24-7 expert corporate legal counsel to our clients in various fields and industries, across different time zones around the globe.  Our New York Office serves as a bridge spanning the gap between legal practices in China and other countries, involving cross-border trading of goods and services, especially when non-Chinese clients are in need of specialized representation and zealous advocacy in Chinese Courts, Regulatory Bodies and Arbitration Proceedings.

    Directed and managed by Ren Rong Pan, Esquire, a veteran international lawyer, our New York Team dedicates our talent and experience to such practice area as International Commercial Transactions and Litigation, Financial and Insurance Institutions, Global Immigration, Maritime Law and Admiralty, Aviation, Intellectual Property, Real Estate, Corporate Affairs and Product Liability as well as Compliance Law. 

    At Wang Jing & Co., our goal is to safeguard our clients’ interests by equipping them with problem-solving legal advice and risk-avoiding strategy in their day-to-day operations; and, when conflicts arise, our team of lawyers with various technical and legal backgrounds will handle all cases in the most cost-effective way in State Court as well as Federal Courts.

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